An integrated asset management software, administration & custody

Since asset investment is a matter of trust, our principle is to work in partnership with our clients. We see ourselves as your professional partner, someone who has developed and implemented a personalised and integrated concept that exactly suits your requirements.

Our offering

FNZ Securities offers Back and Middle Office services, including protection of Client Assets and Client Money together with state of the art, front office software to the wealth management community in the UK.


FNZ Securities can provide an end to end technology proposition and the back office investment servicing including trading, settlement, corporate processing and reconciliations with a wide range of market counterparties.

Our offering is supported by FNZ UK, with considerable experience and many clients in the UK and across Europe. Our platform's scale enables our clients to avoid spending money on reinventing and constantly investing in those aspects of wealth management infrastructure which are globally generic and capable of being commoditised. Our clients can also gain comfort that our chosen platform is used today by many large financial institutions.